Friday, August 9, 2013

4.3 Million Partake in Sonic Dash Global Challenge

So Many Miles, So Little Time

On Thursday, Sega released some neat facts and figures pertaining to the recently completed Global Challenge on Sonic Dash for iOS.
Perhaps the most important stat release is that a staggering total of 4.3 million people participated in the fifteen day effort.  Given the challenge’s goal of accumulating the equivalent of 100 laps around the world, each person contributed approximately an average of .58 miles toward the effort.
Also of note: Sega’s infograph stats show a total of 9.6 billion rings were collected during the challenge.  Given the fifteen day campaign, it means a total of more than 7,456 rings were collected by players each second.
But for most, the biggest part of the campaign isn’t the stats, it’s the final reveal of a playable Shadow that came upon completing the challenge.


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