Friday, August 23, 2013

Sonic Lost World Deadly Six Edition Confirmed for North America

Will Be a Pre-Order DLC Bonus; Hi-Res Screenshots Inside

There’s good news for Sonic fans in North America who wondered if that Deadly Six edition of Sonic Lost World Wii U announced for Europe earlier this week would make the trek across the Atlantic.  It indeed will.
Sega today announced the Deadly Six Bonus Edition for North American pre-orders of the game.  It will contain the same NiGHTS themed content, and Sega’s promotion indicates an exclusive new level will be part of the deal.  We imagine at this point it may be the NiGHTS themed boss environment that has shown up in media.  It’s not clear if players will be able to buy the extra content with a regular edition down the road, or if the bonus edition will regularly be available in stores, as was the case with Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.  We’re also trying to get word on whether there will be an equivalent special edition on the 3DS side.


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