Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sonic Paradox turns to SonicForcer for Sonic Boom 2013 Coverage

Anything can happen they say, and something did happen.
TORONTO -  It was on the night of Sonic Boom 2013 where SonicSegaFan1991, Sonic Paradox's News Reporter and Ambassador was doing commentary on tonight's event. Everything was going well until the Sonic Boom stream started to lag and stopped, leaving the commentary stream with nothing. Sonic News Network user and member of the former "SonicMundo" named SplashTheHedgehog sent a alternate stream of Sonic Boom to the broadcaster, which then known as SonicForcer's stream, who was broadcasting the same thing however without the technical difficulties that SSF1991 had. This was SonicForcer's 15 minutes of fame, as it earned 7 (domestic via SF stream) + 19 (outside via Sonic Paradox stream) viewers.


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